It’s A Good Thing A Bus Driver Noticed This Because My Heart Needed A Good Warming Today.

One morning, this girl’s mother and bus driver noticed that a small female duck was acting rather strangely. She spotted her in a parking lot, walking in circles, visibly distraught. Worried the duck might be sick, the woman approached her… only to realize this duck was also a mother. The momma duck was trying to flag down help… Read More »

Frisky moose makes NSFW-ish move on (apparently) enticing moose statue [photos]

Showing a young bull moose in love with a Moose statue. Now that's how you start a Tuesday. — Neil Orne (@neilorne) June 4, 2013 Er … Will the moose make the move on the statue? Tune in at 5 to find out:) — Nick McGurk (@NickKIRO7) June 2, 2013 Will he make the move? The answer?… Read More »

The One Night We Didn't

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These Heroic Women Battled Breast Cancer And Won. Inspirational!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October once again. The symbolic pink ribbons can be found everywhere this month, raising awareness of the disease and rallying for donations to organizations looking for a cure. While we aren’t quite there yet, modern medicine has progressed toward beating the cancer and many women have survived it. Getting the diagnosis isn’t a death sentence… Read More »


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Punny Marching band joke

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How does Ben Affleck’s Islam idiocy sum up ‘Hollywood betters’? Like THIS

Best part is that Affleck will deny basic facts about extent of Islamic extremism but then mock those who deny anthropogenic global warming. — AG (@AG_Conservative) October 5, 2014 Bingo. As Twitchy reported, Ben Affleck was rightly schooled for his pathetic “frothing bull” snit fit about radical Islam. Stop being so meany pants to terrorists, guys! He fully… Read More »

Advice Yoda

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Happy Twitterversary, Kelly Osbourne

It was 3 years ago today I joined twitter! — Kelly Osbourne (@KellyOsbourne) May 20, 2012 @MissKellyO Happy 3rd twitter birthday 🎂 xxx — Niky Gilbert (@NikyGxxx) May 20, 2012 @MissKellyO Happy Anniversay I guess- that seems a crazy date to keep in mind… Been incredibly to see ur growth over the last few yrs! — Full Armor… Read More »

Started Dating Cute Girl From Subway

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