Confused Lebowski

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Baby Ariel’s Demise

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North Korea Bans Foreigners From Pyongyang Marathon Over Ebola Fears

The country shut its doors to foreign tourists over fears of the virus in October, even though there are no cases near the isolated nation. Authorities in North Korea have barred foreigners from competing in the annual Pyongyang marathon — one of the reclusive nation’s most popular tourist events — because of ongoing fears about the spread of… Read More »

I mean, they’re cute and stuff, but…

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Kill Yourself Guy

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Tornado touches down in Wayne, Nebraska [photos, video]

Been busy with storm tracking, but it appear Wayne, NE took a direct hit from a large tornado. Prayers for folks in that town! #NEwx — Kyle Noël (@KyleNoel15) October 4, 2013 A tornado that touched down southeast of Wayne, Neb., Friday evening left a trail of destruction. Another photo of the tornado damage in Wayne. —… Read More »

28 Of The Funniest Running Jokes On “Parks And Recreation”

Soak up your tears with these sweet memories. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Parks and Recreation is ending tonight, and as we gather 5,000 candles in its honor, it’s time to reminisce. View this image › NBC / Via We’re not crying, OK?! We’re allergic to series finales. Here are some of the best running jokes throughout the show’s… Read More »


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Domesticated Insanity Wolf

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Assange to speak outside of Ecuadorian embassy; Pics, reports and mocking

If this was a movie, hipsters would launch spontaneous flash mob dance scene and Assange would breakdance out of the embassy unnoticed. — Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) August 19, 2012 Heh. There is nothing like Twitter to keep you entertained while waiting for news! As Twitchy reported, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is set to speak outside of the Ecuadorian… Read More »